Journey To The Past

Posted by Deborah at 23:11:18 on 20 Jun, 2010
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From:Anastasia (more details)
Music by:Stephen Flaherty and David Newman
Words by:Lynn Ahrens
Sing along:Lyrics to "Journey To The Past"
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Sheet music:Buy sheet music for "Journey To The Past"


Since finishing my CA exam at the beginning of June, I've been in the process of packing, moving house, unpacking and trying my best to declutter. In amongst the clutter, I came across an old CD I had produced in my early high school years, with a track from my favourite animated feature at the time, Anastasia. This song has a very special meaning to me, as I'm standing today at a road junction of my own, making the first few tentative steps towards my own St Petersburg.

Written by the talented duo of Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, Journey To The Past is the second song in the film, sung by the eighteen-year-old orphan Anya, as she sets out to find her fortunes in the world. Along the way, she questions her direction, being haunted by her inability to remember her past and longing for a sense of home, love and family. Pausing at a fork in the road, with one path leading to a position at a fish factory in a small nearby town and the other leading to St Petersburg, Anya waits for a sign. An adorable puppy appears, tugging at her scarf and leading her down the road to the big city. Dubbing her travelling companion Pooka, Anya sets off to discover her past.

Listen to the instrumental track:

Watch Liz Callaway sing Journey To The Past in the original 1997 animation of Anastasia:

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