Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Posted by Deborah at 02:45:59 on 16 Feb, 2010
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From:Wizard of Oz, The (more details)
Music by:Harold Arlen
Words by:E. Y. Harburg
Sing along:Lyrics to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
Download:Free piano instrumental mp3 by Deborah (Right click > Save as...)
Sheet music:Buy sheet music for "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"


Talk about going MIA. Sorry all, I have been completely horrible with keeping up to date (I figure one post every eight months is a pretty poor showing any way you look at it). But anyway, since I've posted stuff from Wicked, I thought it only fair that I post something from the original musical that inspired the book that inspired the new musical.

Everybody remembers Judy Garland singing this in The Wizard of Oz. This is one of the first songs we were taught to sing in primary school and I have fond memories of it to this day. And of course, not to mention the first ten notes of this theme are in another very, very powerful song that I will post later on...

This is the opening song to The Wizard of Oz, right when Dorothy is wishing to fly away over the rainbow to a happier place than with Aunty Em in Kanzas. This version is transposed in C major.

Listen to the piano instrumental:

Watch Judy Garland in the original 1939 movie of The Wizard of Oz:

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Welcome back, glad to see you have picked it up again.

Moses - 17 Feb, 2010 - 16:32:28

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