Will I?

Posted by Deborah at 21:45:14 on 05 Apr, 2010
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From:Rent (more details)
Music by:Jonathan Larson
Words by:Jonathan Larson
Sing along:Lyrics to "Will I?"
Download:Free piano instrumental mp3 by Deborah (Right click > Save as...)
Sheet music:Buy sheet music for "Will I?"


Given my love for Rent and adoration of Jonathan Larson, it was only a matter of time before I posted this. I love this song because it has a beautiful, haunting melody which stands well on its own but when combined in counterpoint with itself, it weaves a wonderful tapestry of harmony that is soul-touching.

Will I? is a four-part round, sung by the members of the Life Support group as they contemplate how being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS has affected them and wonder what will happen in the uncertain (short) time they have left to live. This version is transposed down from the original key of G flat major to E flat major.

Listen to the piano instrumental:

Watch "Will I?" as performed by the Broadway Cast from the DVD "RENT: Filmed Live on Broadway", followed by "Santa Fe":

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